Welcome to Mayday! In no time at all, you will be revelling in your multi-entity mastery. But first, let’s get you set up. Follow this simple guide to get you on your way to intercompany bliss.

  1. Sign up with Xero
    We’ve integrated deeply with Xero so that you don’t need to remember another password to get into Mayday. Simply log in to Xero, and we’ll automatically sign you up to Mayday.

  2. Connect your Xero Organisations
    Create your Group by connecting each of your related entities

  3. Choose the product for your business's needs

    We have two products, Recharger and BRAG. Depending on your needs, you may need one or both of these. Let us know, so that we can tailor your Mayday experience to fit your requirements.

  4. Mayday Recharger: Set up

    If you’ll be using Mayday Recharger, choose the first month that you want to run calculations for. You can backdate as far as you need to! Set up personalised recharge rules that will govern the automation of your recharges based on factors such as account code, tracking category, and supplier contact. Setting these recharge rules just once will save you hours by enabling Mayday to do the work for you, truly transforming the recharging process.

  5. BRAG: Set up

    For BRAG, install the Mayday extension for your browser. You can get it for both Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Next, set up your Account Code Mappings so we know where to find your intercompany loan accounts for each of your group entities

  6. Ready, set, go!

    You should now be set up with Mayday. For help from here, here are our Quick Start Guides for Recharger and BRAG

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