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Archiving Entities
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How do I remove an organisation from my group?

In the Group section, choose the entity you wish to remove, then click the Disconnect from Xero button next to the name of the entity. This will sever the connect with Xero for that organisation and move the entity into the Archive section of the Settings page.

Your entities may not move into the archive immediately, but will in due course as the data syncs with our platform. If it takes more than overnight to update, reach out to our support team.

From the Archive page under Settings, you can reinstate any entities you wish to bring back to your recharge group. Note: since we disconnected from Xero, you will need to go through the Xero connection flow so that Mayday can collect data for that entity again.

If I archive an entity from my group, what happens to the recharge rules and past calculations they were involved in?

When you archive an entity, all of that entity's recharge rules are archived with it, and it is removed from all other entities’ recharge rules that it is part of. All calculations the entity has previously been involved in remain the same.

If you have accidentally archived an entity and want to restore it, don’t worry! You can reinstate the entity easily through the archive page, by pressing the right hand side icon.

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