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Updating Recharge Rules
Updating Recharge Rules
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There are many reasons why your recharge rules will change over time, so it's important to keep them up to date. For instance, entities may join or leave your recharge group, or the apportionments between them might change.

If any information used by your recharge rules changes, for example if an account code changes or is removed from your Xero account, you will have to change the corresponding rule accordingly.

You can edit a recharge rule easily, by navigating to the Group page, choosing the entity the rule belongs to, and then clicking the pencil next to the rule's name.

This will take you to the edit rule page, which works almost identically to the create rule page. Note: you can't change the type of rule (e.g. cost, cost plus) in the edit screen. Instead, you can create a new rule and archive the old one.

How will updating a rule affect calculations?

Mayday Recharger maintains a full history of the edits you make to a rule. Infact, when you edit a rule, rather than overwriting it, we create a new version of the rule, so none of the previous settings are altered.

When you mark a calculation as "final", Recharger locks the version of the rules used to run the calculation. This means that any edits you make to those rules will not affect that calculation. When you next view that calculation, you'll see a little version number next to the rules which have been edited, along with a popup telling you what the configuration of the rule was at that time.

If you have not marked a calculation as final, then the latest version of each rule will be used. Therefore, it is important to mark calculations as final once you're happy with them, so that subsequent edits to rules do not impact the numbers.

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