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The Apportionments page allows you to define standard ways of splitting costs between the entities in your recharge group. Some common ways are to apportion costs by headcount (either overall or department-specific, to split costs such as the CRM license used by the sales team), revenue, or by the time spent working for the different entities.

The apportionments page gives you a single place to create and update these splits. When you update an apportionment, the change is automatically propagated to any rules which use it.

Note: final calculations won't be affected - for more information, see "Marking Calculations as Final"

Creating Apportionments

To create an apportionment, click the "+ Add new" button above the list of entities. When creating a new apportionment, you can choose whether it is a "Units" or "Percentage" apportionment:

  • Units is best for things like headcount or floorspace, where you know the relevant number for each entity. When using this, we will automatically calculate the total based on the figures entered for each entity

  • Percentage is best for things like "time spent". Here the total will default to 100, and the figures for each entity must sum to 100.

Once you've set a name, chosen the units, and entered the values, use the "Save" button in the bottom-right to store your apportionment.

Updating Apportionments

The figures in your apportionments are likely to change on a semi-regular basis, so the Apportionments page makes it easy to update the numbers before you review your recharges.

Once on the Apportionments page, simply update the required numbers and use the "Save" button in the bottom-right.

Once saved, any rules which used those apportionments will automatically be updated to use the latest figures. This means that any calculations which aren't marked as final will be recalculated and will use the latest apportionment figures. Any calculations marked as final will use the apportionments as they were when the calculation was closed.

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