To make sure you are all up and running, you need to request the correct mobility pay codes from your payroll contact person.

Unfortunately we cannot do this for you, but the quickest way to do so is to copy the e-mail below and forward it to your payroll contact person.

👇 Send this email to your payroll contact person

Mailto: Your payroll contact person

Subject: Request for mobility pay codes


We have decided to start with the mobility budget and have chosen to work with Mbrella.

May I therefore ask you to create and send me the following specific pay codes?

  • Legal mobility budget - pillar 2 (soft mobility & housing) - reimbursements made by the employer to the employee in terms of mobility allowances

  • Legal mobility budget - pillar 3 (cash-out at 38,07% social contribution)

  • Legal mobility budget - pillar 3 (net withdrawal in case of overspending) - this is when the employee has gone above and beyond their mobility budget and needs to repay it to their employer

  • Legal mobility budget - total mobility budget amount (only if needed by your social secretary)

  • Allowances - bike kilometer

  • Allowances - private transport kilometer

  • Allowances - pedestrian kilometer

  • Allowances - teleworking

  • Allowances - carpooling

  • Allowances - public transport

  • Business expenses (reimbursements, comparable to restaurant reimbursements)

Thanks in advance,

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