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🌍📈 Track your emissions with our Carbon Tracker
🌍📈 Track your emissions with our Carbon Tracker

With our Carbon Tracker, you'll have access to super accurate CO2 reporting, making guesswork a thing of the past.

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At Mbrella, we're all about sustainability. Commuting is responsible for twice the greenhouse gas emissions made by the aviation industry, and they make up the majority of an office-based company's total emissions. It's crucial to track and reduce these emissions to reach sustainability targets.

With our Carbon Tracker, HR managers have access to super-accurate CO2 reporting. The Carbon Tracker also makes your employees aware of their carbon footprint.

The Carbon Tracker is available in our Scale and Enterprise plans.

Emissions are calculated based on registrations in the Commute Planner.

👉 Go to Home > CO2 emissions to see how your company is doing.

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