Don't worry! Some dryness and redness are normal with every effective acne treatment. 

That said, if you feel your skin is too dry and tight:

  1. Do not apply your treatment cream to the sensitive areas on the neck, around the eyes, around your mouth, or the edges of your nose. 

  2. Combine a small "pea-sized" amount of the night cream with an equal amount of the moisturizer in your palm before you apply it. Mixing these two creams will result in a diluted, milder treatment cream, which you can apply to the entire areas with acne. 

Please continue to track your progress by logging regular "checkups" in your app and update us in 2 weeks. At that point, if needed, contact our skin specialists using the chat support on the app, and we would be able, to fine-tune your medications and send you, if needed, a different treatment cream. 

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