The MDacne Medicated Dark Spot Remover can help fade all kinds of dark spots including post-acne dark spots, sun/age spots, melasma etc. and is suitable for people of all skin tones.

Here are some tips on how to best use the Dark Spot Remover:

  1. If you have active acne, using an effective acne treatment (such as MDacne) and the Dark Spot Remover on alternating nights is recommended. (On one night you would use the acne treatment, and the other night the Dark Spot Remover). 

  2. When you use the Dark Spot Remover, apply a thin layer to the entire area(s) affected with dark spots. You may also apply an additional small amount to individual dark spots.

  3. When using the Dark Spot Remover, it is crucial to avoid excessive sun exposure and apply a daily oil-free sunscreen to sun-exposed areas of your face and neck each morning (SPF 30 is recommended). The MDacne Oil-Free Sunscreen is an acne-friendly, broad-spectrum face sunscreen with SPF 30 to help prevent new dark spots, protecting and hydrating the skin with a shine-free finish.

For more info on how to clear post-acne dark spots, check out this article in the Acne Help section of the MDacne website!

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