Returned To Sender
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Always make sure that your shipping information is correct and up to date when placing an order or in scenarios where you've moved to a different location.

Remember that you're able to check & update your details during & after check out, and/or by logging in to your Account Settings.

Mail carriers will often attempt to try and deliver your packages several times before returning to sender. Some will also hold on to your parcel after a failed delivery, from which you may then pick-up your item from a specific post office or branch - within a given time frame.

If your order/s gets returned to us for any reason (incorrect address, failed delivery attempts, refused, expired forwarding instructions, customs fee refusal or did not collect your package before it was returned) you will be charged a fee to have it shipped out again.

If tracking indicates that your package has been sent back as being undeliverable, we can issue a refund less the shipping fee - either as shop credits or back to your payment method.

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