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Subscription Cancellation

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MDhair is a subscription service that continues automatically unless your plan is canceled or modified prior to billing (this information is highlighted during your initial sign up & checkout). If you wish to cancel or change your plan, please do so at least 5 business days before your next billing and shipping date.

โ€‹How to Cancel:

Hair Treatment Kit:

Please visit your Account Settings via the MDhair website. Once logged in, click on "Manage your plan", "Hair Treatment", scroll down and click on "Cancel my membership".

*Cancellation must be done at least 5 business days prior to your next shipment date (or before your billing date). Kindly avoid doing so on the day when your treatment kit is scheduled to be billed, as it is very unlikely for us to still be able to cancel it. Terms & Conditions

**If you've been charged & your next kit has already shipped, we can no longer stop the order. Find out how to adjust your next bill date or cancel your service.

**If you signed up for our service using PayPal, cancelling your auto payment on your PayPal account does not cancel your account with us. It only disables further charges from being approved. Therefore if you're only cancelling after a payment has already been made, it's also likely that your order has already shipped and we can no longer stop the order. With this in mind, please reach out to our team at to see what options we can offer.

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