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Why Hasn't My Order Shipped?
Why Hasn't My Order Shipped?
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Did you recently sign up for our service but have yet to receive an email notification that your order has shipped?

Things to take note of:

  1. It can take up to 3 calendar days before your order's is updated with the carrier. If this timeframe has already passed, make sure that you check your email's spam, junk or even the updates folder to ensure our email wasn't automatically filtered over there.

  2. If you cancelled your subscription immediately after signing up, your order may not have shipped. DO NOT renew your subscription or you risk getting charged for your next kit, based on your selected plan pricing. Please contact our support team at

  3. If you adjusted your next billing & shipping date immediately after signing up, you order may not have shipped due to this change. When doing so, it confuses the system automation and ends up postponing your trial. Please contact our support team at *Keep in mind that the MDhair Treatment is a subscription service, with recurring payments based on either your sign up date or selected bill date. Should you wait too long without contacting us, you may end up being charged again.

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