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Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee Offer

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We’re committed to providing you with satisfactory service. If you’re not happy with our hair loss service, you may submit a claim under our money back guarantee. You may get your money back if the following conditions are satisfied:

  • You’re a first-time user of MDhair hair loss service.

  • You begin your treatment plan after 28 March 2024.

  • On the day you start your treatment plan (but before the first use of any products included in your treatment plan) and then every 30 days during treatment, you must take a photo or set of photos of your scalp and upload them to the "Hair Tracker" in the account settings in the MDhair website.

  • You must apply or use the products in your treatment plan strictly in accordance with the user guidelines for each product.

  • Then, if you’re not happy with our hair loss service 180 days from the day you first subscribed to the MDhair Hair Growth Kit, you may submit a claim under our guarantee. You must submit your claim to our customer support team between 180 and 210 days after the day you first subscribed to MDhair Hair Growth Kit. We will carefully consider your claim and if we ask you to do so, you will upload your photos to our website, or send them to us via email; and

  • If we agree that your treatment plan has been less than satisfactory, we shall notify you accordingly and refund to you the price paid for the treatment within 30 days of such notification. We shall refund you using the same method you used to pay for the treatment. We shall not be liable for any disappointment suffered if you do not experience any hair growth.

    We may reject your claim if:

  • We reasonably believe that we’ve delivered a satisfactory service which aligns with your treatment plan.

  • We ask for your photos, and you either do not send us the correct number of photos in accordance with our guidelines or the photos otherwise do not comply with the requirements of our guidelines, for example they were taken from the wrong angle, orientation or the hairstyle is not appropriate or the photos are unclear.

  • Your subscription is paused at any time during your treatment plan.

  • You have purchased or used any hair loss treatment from us before.

  • We reasonably believe that the photos you send have been digitally altered, are not of the same person or your claim is otherwise dishonest or fraudulent.

    Please note:

  • We may withdraw this guarantee at any time for new customers of our hair loss service.

  • Please also note that our service is not designed to encourage hair growth if the hair loss relates to illness, or treatment of that illness, including autoimmune disease or cancer; stress; or for late-stage hair loss.

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