While it's free to register for a Client, Service Provider or Partner Exchange account, MeasureMatch centrally makes money by collecting fees from each successful services contract processed via the buyer/seller marketplace.

The Partner Exchange comes with its own subscription fees, which you can see separately here.

Split fee pricing model

Like Airbnb and other consumer marketplaces, for example, MeasureMatch Client-Service Provider contracts operate on a "split-fee" pricing model.

This means that a fee is deducted from the gross value of each contract and a fee is charged to Clients (on top of the gross contract value).

Pricing is on a sliding scale

Both Client and Service provider fees are *now determined on a sliding scale. This means that the more clients spend, and the more service providers earn, the lower the platform fees (per calendar year).

You can see a breakdown of the fee tiers MeasureMatch charges to Clients and Service Providers below:

*Gross Contract Value within a single calendar year in USD, GBP or EUR. The tiered model for Service Provider platform fees was introduced in early August 2021. All contracts entered into/confirmed from 1 August will see the above Service Provider fee structure applied.

Please note: MeasureMatch is headquartered in the United Kingdom. This means that MeasureMatch platform fees may be subject to VAT, in line with UK/EEA laws.


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