Expert Service Packages (ESPs) exist in two parts of the MeasureMatch marketplace. 

Technology vendors prepare and publish them to their Partner Hubs. Learn more about Vendor Service Packages (VSPs) here.

The consultancies, agencies, systems integrators and solopreneur consultants providing services via the MeasureMatch marketplace also publish Service Packages to augment and complete their profiles. 

As the name suggests, a Service Package is the packaging up of a service for prospective clients to view and book into contracts. 

Service Packages are single page descriptions of common service requests or services provided. 

Here's an intro video (Aug 2018) and below is an example of what clients see.

Two Value Opportunities

  1. Expert Service Packages (ESPs) Activated by Clients

The moment an Expert's Service Package is published it becomes visible to clients and clients can "activate" them.

This means that any prospective client can submit an Expression of Interest which will send a notification to the owner of the Service Package to strike up a conversation. 

The following steps are commonly:
 - Discovery
 - Scoping
 - Pricing
 - Proposal
 - Contract

   2. Vendor Service Packages (VSPs) Activated Clients

If you have formalized a technology vendor relationship via the Partner Hubs element of the MeasureMatch platform (let's say you or your agency is a FullStory channel partner), your Expert account profile will be linked to FullStory's Service Packages.

This means that when a client expresses interest in one of FullStory's Service Packages, only FullStory's approved channel partners (i.e. you) will receive an Expression Of Interest (EOI) notification. 

That's right, only approved technology vendor partners are eligible to provide the services described in vendors' Service Packages.

The same applies to technology vendors' Service Package Vouchers. More about that in another Help Center article.

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