These product tours step you through different areas of the Med App dashboard. They are great to get acquainted with some of the features, or to re-acquaint yourself.

If you are not a dashboard manager you won't be able to access or use these tours, but be sure to checkout the other sections of the help centre for useful tips and tricks.

Dashboard Main Intro Tour:

Step through the main sections you see when you first login to the dasshboard.

How to Use Articles:

This is how you add content into the app. Step through the process for adding headings, articles and content.

How to Use Mailouts:

Mailouts are like letters you can send to users via the app with a push notification or SMS reminder. Step through the main Mailout page to see how it works.

How to Use Announcements:

Push notifications are a great way to communicate to users, or schedule messages for the future. Jump in to see the main sections of the feature.

How to Use the Users Page:

Inviting and managing users is a critical element for any hospital. Jump in to get see all the features to help you easily invite people on and manage everyone with access to your hospital site.

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