Conditional Calculations

Use IF, THEN functions to create more flexible calculations

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Fields that are configured as conditional calculations can execute different calculations based on conditions related to entries made in other fields in the same row.

Conditional calculations have a wide variety of use cases and can be configured to your needs based on IF, AND, and OR functions as well as =, ≠, >, ≥, <, and ≤ conditions.

Here are a couple of examples of when a conditional calculation could be used:

  • The same cost field needs to be calculated differently depending on the Market and/or Agency

  • Calculations for estimated reach, clicks, and impressions will differ based on the selected Buying Objective

Enabling conditional calculations

To set up a field as a conditional calculation, create a field, and select the calculation field type. If you have an existing field that you would like to configure as a conditional calculation, its field type must already be a calculation. You cannot edit an existing number, date, or test field into a calculation field.

Next, toggle the switch beside Conditional Calculation to enable it.

Lastly, click Edit Conditions to open up the configuration settings for the calculation.


Start to configure your calculation

Conditional calculations can be based on any text or number field.

When selecting a tag, the tag options will display as a dropdown list and the condition can be based on an entry being equal or not equal to one of the tag options.

When selecting a text field (that is not a tag), the condition can be based on an entry being equal or not equal to the text value that you enter.

When selecting a number field, you can set your condition to be based on an input being =, ≠, >, ≥, <, or ≤ a number entry in that field.

Once you've configured your IF condition, you can move onto your THEN calculation. Type @ to be presented with field options and then establish a calculation using + (add) , - (subtract), * (multiply), and / (divide).


Adding multiple conditions

You can add as many conditions as you'd like. Just click on the plus sign that appears when hovering over the center of an IF condition or THEN calculation.


Use and/or functions

You can expand on an IF condition by adding AND / OR conditions as well. To do so, click on the plus sign that appears between the IF condition and the THEN calculation on the left side of the window.


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