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To access and edit your User Settings, simply click on your profile symbol in the upper right corner of the Mediatool App. Your profile symbol will display as (a) the first letter of your email address or (b) your profile photo (if you've previously set one). From the dropdown menu, choose User Settings.


Add or edit your profile image, name, and/or contact details.

Security & Login

Change your password in the Account Password section by confirming your old password and then providing a new one.

For additional security, you can enable two-factor authentication (2FA) using an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator or Lastpass. Once activated, you will be prompted to complete a 6-digit form that will appear after entering your user email and password. The form can be completed only by entering the code shown in your authenticator app, which changes every 30 seconds.

To activate 2FA, click on the checkbox next to the Authenticator app section of Mediatool. This will prompt you to scan a generated QR code using your preferred authenticator app. The link between your Mediatool sign-in and authenticator app will be complete once you have entered one of the generated codes from your authenticator app back into Mediatool.

Home Organization

Manage your home organization by switching to a new one or managing your current one. The home organization you choose controls which organizational account is being billed for your user account.

Date Preferences

Date formats and preferences are set on an individual user basis.

Select the date format you would like to use when using Mediatool, the first day of the week (Sunday or Monday), and whether you'd like weeks to be displayed as numbered weeks (1-52) or indicated by the date the week starts on.


The notifications window appears in the upper right-hand corner when hovering above your profile icon. A number in red indicates the number of unopened notifications.

Notification Settings

You can choose to receive notifications through your Mediatool account as well as to your email address by adjusting your preferences when navigating to the User Settings page under your profile icon. These notifications include:

You can also clear your notifications by clicking on your profile icon and selecting 'Mark all as read'. Clicking will remove numbers in the red box over the profile icon.

Get Support

Have questions or need help? You can reach us directly via the messenger on or the contact support button located in the top right corner of the Mediatool App.

Learn More

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