Billing and Payment by Credit Card

View past billing receipts and pay by credit card

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Logging into Mediatool for the first time

Upon your first login, you will need to create a password and select your home organization. In the case that you are added to multiple organizations you should confer with your CSM or internal administrator on which is the root organization that the subsidiaries will branch from.


Next, you will be prompted to review and accept Mediatool’s Terms and Conditions. Please read through before agreeing:


The next step is to enter your billing information. Navigating to the settings page and selecting Subscription will open the settings page in which you will input your credit card information:


Here you can manage cards and make payment. You can also view your past receipts and invoices on the Billing History page, below Subscription.

Adding a New User

When adding a new user to your organization, you will incur a new charge per seat which will generate a new receipt in the case of an annual plan.


If you prefer to complete your billing via invoices, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to have them set this up for you. Invoices are not entered/ maintained in Mediatool’s platform.

Get Support

Have questions or need help? You can reach us directly via the messenger on or the contact support button located in the top right corner of the Mediatool App.

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