Conversations allow you to communicate with collaborators directly within Mediatool.

Whether you want to inform the team about an important update or to request direct action from a colleague, Conversations can help keep your communications tied to relevant work.

How to have a conversation

To use Conversations navigate to the Contextual Menu and click on the Conversations Icon as shown in the GIF below. In the Hub section, the conversations tab is automatically expanded and viewable.

Using the @ symbol you are able to tag any Mediatool user with access to the account or plan that you are viewing. When tagged in a conversation, the user will receive a notification within Mediatool and - if authorization is given - an email reminder will also be sent to their inbox, like below.

Using the # symbol, you can reference various Reports and Dashboards, allowing you to quickly guide the user you'd like to converse with to access the specific page you are referring to.

You are able to unsubscribe yourself from a conversation to stop receiving notifications related to the conversation. To do so, click on the green button with the person icon on it.

After you click on this button, the button will turn grey and the number of followers will decrease. You can also edit an existing conversation by clicking on the three dots to the right of the button just referenced.

Please note that all conversations are public to all Mediatool users in your organization, regardless of who is tagged in the conversation.

How conversations are organized

Conversations can be had nearly anywhere within Mediatoool, however, they are organized into two levels of observation: organization and plan.

  • Upon clicking the conversations icon within any section at the organization level, all conversations related to all plans are visible

  • Upon clicking the conversation icon within any section at the plan level, only conversations related to that specific plan are visible

So, if you want to communicate something that is relevant to the entire organization and/or all plans, it's best to initiate that conversation at the organization level. If you need to have a conversation about a specific plan, it's best to initiate the conversation within the plan itself.


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