In this article, you will learn how to group and organize your plans into folders using the Manage Plans and Folders function. You will also learn how to archive plans.

In the following video, you will see a visual representation of the plan and folder management section. For detailed written instructions, continue to the text below.


Create new folder

From the Hub view click on the three dots next to Plans, choose to Manage Plans and Folders. Create a folder by entering a name and save it by clicking Create folder.


The folder will then become visible in the Manage Plan and Folder list.

Manage plan folder structure

From here you can edit the folder name, add or deselect plans from folders as well as move plans from one folder to another.

In order to add a plan to a folder, find the desired plan, click on the checkbox in the left-hand column, choose your folder from the drop-down list, and then Move Campaigns.

To move a plan from a folder, click on the checkbox to the left of the desired plan name, choose a new folder in the drop-down list or choose the backslash symbol to have the plan placed independently, so it is not connected to any folder.

Archive plans

You can easily save old plans but remove them from the list of plans in the main plan options banner, on the left side of your screen, by archiving them.

From the Hub view, click on the three dots next to Plan and then select Manage plans & folders.

Select the plan name by clicking on its checkbox in the left-hand column and choose Archive Plan. The plan will automatically be placed in the archive plan list at the bottom of your Manage Plans and Folders Feature.


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