All data entries in Mediatool are made within the Sheet View of a plan. In order to start entering data, create a plan or navigate to an existing plan. The sheet view can be found at the top left of the Media Plan section, as the third tab to the right, as displayed in the image below.

Add line-by-line

Get started by inputting data into the cells. Each entry must have a Media Vehicle, a Start Date, and an End Date in order to save. These are the only system-mandated required fields. Though, other fields can be set as required in the organizational settings by the account administrator.

If you fill in data into an entry row without filling a required field, your data will not save and you will see several notices, as displayed in the following GIF. The field that requires an entry will display the red text *Required, the row number will highlight in red, and a notice will display that says Sheet contains errors.


Make sure that the dates you select for your line-entry fall within the same period as the plan period set in the Plan Setup. If the dates do not fall within your selected period, the date field will display in yellow, as shown below. Once all of the required fields have been entered, you will see a green notice stating All data saved.


Add multiple entries

To insert a large number of entries at the same time, click the Add Multiple Entries button. This is a great time-saving feature when you want to add many line entries with much of the same data; for example, if you are planning to buy a radio package with 25 spots spread across a number of date ranges and standalone dates.


After clicking on the Add Multiple Entries button, a sidebar will appear allowing you to fill in the standardized data and then to choose multiple date ranges and/or single dates.

After entering a number value into any of the fields, you have the option to select Split this value between all entries. When enabled, the value you entered will be split evenly across the number of dates you selected. So, for example, if you entered planned spend as 100€ and selected (1) a single date of March 16th as well as (2) a date range of March 20th-22nd, two line items would be entered; March 16th with a planned spend of 25€ and March 20th-22nd with a planned spend of €75.

After you the multiple entries are added, you have the option to edit all of the entries as a group later on. To do this, simply click on one entry in the group, the group will turn purple, and an Edit Group button will appear. Clicking this button will open up the sidebar once again and from here you can edit and adjust all the entries in the group.

You can also choose to manually update any cell of any entry. This won’t affect the remaining group entries.

Copy & Paste

You can easily copy data from excel sheets or from other spreadsheets and paste that data into your media plan. When copying data from excel sheets please make sure that the number and date formats in excel match your settings in Mediatool.

Fullscreen View

When adding data in the sheetview, it is also possible to enter and view data in a fullscreen view.

To select fullscreen view, click on the fullscreen view icon. Once in fullscreen view, you'll have more space to view, add and edit entries in the sheetview. To return to standard view, select same expand icon or use Escape key on your keyboard view.

Import data from Excel

You can import Excel and CSV files into Mediatool while in the sheet view. This is a quick way to import mass amounts of data. However, to protect the integrity of your data, the import function is purposefully strict - please make sure that the number and date formats in excel match the exact formatting of your fields in Mediatool. Ninety percent or more of import failures are due to formatting discrepancies, so we encourage you to be diligent.


When importing, data will import into the media type sheet view you are currently viewing. You are not able to import multiple sheets (tabs) into multiple media types in one fluid action. You must import one Excel sheet (tab) into one media type at a time.

Once you select the excel sheet (tab) you'd like to import, you will be prompted to assign the columns in your excel file to the columns in the tool, or create a new field. Unassigned fields are skipped. Once you’ve matched the headings and click import, the data will populate into sheet view.

You have the option to create columns whilst importing a document, to do so simply go through the steps to import, during the set-up stage click at the blue plus sign next to each column name.

A settings menu will appear allowing you to set the name and format of the column(s).

Experiencing issues when importing from Excel?

If you are experiencing issues importing a plan from excel, it's because it does not match the destination formatting in Mediatool. The video below shares some best practices for how to resolve this issue.

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