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Once I've set up an integration, when will new data be updated?

Every time you edit the settings of an integration and click Save Connection it will refresh the connection and fetch all data from your chosen historic Date up to the moment you save the connection.

Thereafter, data will be automatically fetched once every 24 hours between 01:00 and 03:00 GMT+0.

Where is the data from an integration stored in Mediatool?

To view the raw data that is fetched from your integrations, navigate to the Results section of your organizational account and then the Sheet View tab. All integrated platforms will be displayed as separate tabs either at the bottom left or bottom right of the Sheet View in the Results section.

By clicking on the integrated platform of your choice and adjusting your date filter, you'll be able to view the data that has been fetched.

In the following GIF you can see a visual example of how to get there:

Why is there a discrepancy between the data displayed in the integrated third-party platform and the data displayed in Mediatool?

Most data discrepancies relate to the following issues:

  • The data for the most recent day hasn't been fetched yet

    • Because new data is only fetched every 24 hours, the data from the most recent 24 hours that is displayed in Mediatool may not represent the data from the entire date in question.

    • As a rule, you can trust all historic data to match the data from your integrated platform as long as it is more than 24 hours old. Consider this limitation when comparing between Mediatool and any integrated platform.

  • The measure that you're considering in Mediatool is actually connected to a different measure in the integrated platform

    • Double-check the Integration Settings in Mediatool to see which measures and splits from the integrated platform are mapped to which measures and splits in Mediatool.

How do I visually display the data that is fetched with an integration?

You can put your data to work and gain valuable insights by navigating to the Reports section and creating a collection of dynamic charts. For more information on how; visit our help center article on Reports.

My Mediatool account has multiple levels of accounts, under which account do I set up the integration?

You should always connect the integration at the subsidiary or client level; never at the global (or parent) level.

If you are integrating a third-party platform where 100% of the data is specific to only one of your clients or subsidiary accounts in Mediatool, establish the connection at the level of that account, and there are no additional considerations. An example of this would be if Acme Corp Global had a subsidiary with its own Mediatool account called Acme France, and they wanted to integrate their France-specific Facebook Page.

If you are integrating a third-party platform that contains global data that would need to be accessed by multiple subsidiaries or clients, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager. This is a common request, however, it does require support from our development team.

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