How to Set the Social Media Image

In order to select a specific image for social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, you'll want to scroll all the way down to "Grow: Share Options" in the post editor and click on "Select Image" under "Social Media Image."

Once you hit "Select Image" this will pull up your Media Library and you can choose the image you'd like to show when your post is shared on Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This will add an og:image open graph meta tag.

For maximum exposure, we recommend 1200px x 630px for the images size.

Social Media Title and Description

Along with the image, you have the ability to set the title and the description for your Social Media images. Adding information to these fields will update the og:title and the Social Media Description also updates the og:description meta tags.

How to Troubleshoot when the wrong image, title, or description, is showing on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn

If you've selected an image and saved your post successfully but when you share the image on Facebook or Twitter, the feature image is pulled instead, you will want to go to the Developer Tools for Facebook and Twitter.


Navigate to the Sharing Debugger on Facebook.

Copy and paste your URL into the provided field and click "Debug."

Once the information pulls up, you will want to hit the "Scrape Again" button. This will cause Facebook to fetch new data and display the correct image the next time the URL is shared.


Navigate to the Twitter Card Validator.

Copy and paste your URL into the field provided and click "Preview card."

This will cause Twitter to fetch new data and show the correct preview.


For LinkedIn, you can use the Post Inspector. This will help you refresh the data that LinkedIn has about your page and rescrape the image.

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