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How to create your company profile?
How to create your company profile?

Learn how to set up an attractive company profile on MeetFrank

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To start editing your company profile in MeetFrank, log in to the MeetFrank for Business and select “Company” in the left-hand menu.

1. Fill out the mission statement and upload a logo and profile pictures. 📸

Start by filling in your mission statement. Are you here to revolutionise an industry? Are you looking to improve people’s lives? Let the candidates know!

Best practices for writing your mission statement:

  • Mention your most important goal as a company

  • Make sure your company vision is inspiring

  • Keep the copy short and clear

For example, MeetFrank’s mission is “to bring transparency to the job market and help talented people be aware of and find exciting opportunities in top companies.

The mission statement can be 80–350 characters.

Next, add your logo and profile picture. These are the first things that job seekers will see. We recommend that you either upload a product photo or a high-quality picture of your team.

The optimal measurements are 512 x 512 pixels for the logo and 1024 x 500 pixels for the header image.

Tip: We recommend using a colourful header image. Also, pictures with genuine people generally work the best.

2. Add some facts about your company 💡

We have defined some key questions that job-seekers usually have about the companies. Such as the year it was founded, size of the team, annual revenue, etc. The more information you can add, the more likely it is to get responses from top talent.

3. Introduce your product or service 💬

The top talent wants to make an impact and work on purposeful projects. Telling people about your product, what you do and what’s cool about it helps to get them excited about working with you.

We recommend mentioning the following:

  • What product/service are you building?

  • What is your product’s main benefit to its users?

  • Why is it exciting to work on the project?

You can also add images to show job-seekers how your product is used and what it looks like.

4. Add your offices and boast about the perks

You can add your office locations in this section. Just start typing the name of the city to add an office. Got pictures of your team? Great! We recommend adding a couple of different high-quality images from office and team events. Got a video of a team event? Even better! You can link your team video as well.

Next, add your office perks. Who wouldn’t want to work in a company with flexible working hours, snacks in the kitchen, extra vacation days and free gym membership?

Here’s a list of all the benefits that can be mentioned:

⏳ Flexible hours

🌎 Remote work

🎡 Team events

☕ Free coffee

🍪 Free food

🍕 Lunch benefit

🚗 Free parking

🌴 Extra vacation

🏖️ Company retreats

💰 Tuition assistance

💪 Gym membership

👶 Free day-care

🦄 Stock options

👩‍⚕️ Health insurance

👩‍🎓 Student loan assistance

5. Tell talent about your markets and clients 🌎

Let the talent know what kind of markets, clients and companies they can expect to work with.

We recommend mentioning the following things:

  • What is your typical client profile?

  • What industries are your clients from?

  • Where is your product known?

6. Link to your social media profiles 📲

Last, but definitely not least, you can link to all of your company’s social media profiles. Be sure to only add the ones that are up to date and look great. You can also link to other publications’ articles about your brand.

Once you have filled in your company profile, hit the “publish” button and you’re all set. Et voila! You’ve got yourself a company profile with high-quality images, lots of context and all social media profiles included. This is a company profile that is going to attract a lot of attention!

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