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Social Media Premium Package
Social Media Premium Package
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The Social Media Premium Package is designed to increase your visibility and reach the right audience on popular social media platforms. The promotion lasts for 10 days and includes:

  1. Facebook and Instagram posts: We'll create engaging posts featuring your job opportunities to share on both platforms.

  2. Facebook and Instagram stories: Our team will craft captivating stories to showcase your company culture and job openings.

  3. Campaign results: After the 10-day campaign period, we'll share the results with you, including engagement metrics and insights.

Price: 169€

How to Purchase the Social Media Premium Package:

You can purchase the Social Media Premium Package by:
1) Clicking on the “Add a Premium Service” button while creating a new opening.
2) By writing to your account manager or to our operations team at

Campaign setup and launch. Once we receive your request, our team will work with you to create a tailored social media campaign based on your needs. After your approval, we'll launch the campaign, ensuring your job opportunities reach the right audience on Facebook and Instagram.

Receive campaign results At the end of the 10-day campaign period, we'll share the results with you, providing valuable insights and engagement metrics. This information can help you optimize future campaigns and better understand the interests of your target audience.

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