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Interview on MeetFrank Blog
Interview on MeetFrank Blog
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MeetFrank interviews are an excellent opportunity to showcase your company culture, highlight your unique selling points, and offer insight into your hiring processes. By sharing your story with a wide audience, you can attract top talent and give potential candidates a glimpse into what it's like to work at your organization.

The Interview on MeetFrank Blog premium service includes:

Expert consultation: Our MeetFrank team will work with you to determine the perfect topic for your interview, whether it's your hiring processes, office life, tech stack, or any other aspect that makes your company unique.

Professionally crafted interview: Our experienced writers will conduct the interview and create a captivating article, giving readers a fascinating glimpse into your organization.

Facebook and/or LinkedIn ads promotion: To attract more readers and increase the visibility of your interview, we'll promote the article through targeted Facebook ads.

Price: 499€

How to Purchase the Interview on MeetFrank Blog Service:

To purchase the Interview on MeetFrank Blog service, reach out to your dedicated account manager or write to our operations team at

Once we receive your request, our team will work with you to determine the perfect topic for your interview. We'll then arrange a convenient time to conduct the interview with a representative from your organization.

After completing the interview, our writers will craft a captivating article, which we'll share with you for approval. Once approved, we'll publish the interview on the MeetFrank blog and promote it through targeted Facebook ads to attract more readers and increase visibility.

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