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Automated Job Offer Republishing
Automated Job Offer Republishing
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Maintaining visibility for your job openings is key to attracting top talent and ensuring that your opportunities reach the right candidates. With MeetFrank's Automated Job Offer Republishing premium service, you can keep your job offers at the forefront, giving them the attention they deserve.

The Automated Job Offer Republishing premium service helps you stay competitive by ensuring that your job openings receive continuous exposure. This service includes:

  • Bi-weekly republishing: Your job opening will be re-published every two weeks, placing it at the top of other offers to maximize visibility.

  • Talent notifications: Matching candidates will receive a notification each time your job offer is re-published, keeping your opportunities fresh in their minds.

Price: 59€/month

How to Purchase the Automated Job Offer Republishing:

To purchase the Automated Job Offer Republishing, reach out to your dedicated account manager or write to our operations team at

Once we receive your request, our team will activate the Automated Job Offer Republishing service for your chosen job opening(s). Your job offer will be re-published every two weeks, and matching talents will receive notifications upon each re-publishing.

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