"Best of MeetFrank"
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In today's competitive talent landscape, effectively showcasing your job openings is essential for attracting the best candidates to your organization. The Best of MeetFrank premium service package combines a range of advanced MeetFrank features, providing your job offers with a comprehensive boost at an exceptional value

The Best of MeetFrank premium service package combines three powerful features to enhance the visibility and reach of your job openings:

Automated Republishing: Your job opening will be re-published every two weeks, placing it at the top of other offers to maximize visibility. Matching candidates will also receive a notification each time your job offer is re-published.

Premium Push: We send out direct notifications about your job offer to an expanded audience, ensuring that your opportunity stands out and reaches the right candidates.

Featured Opening: Your job opening will be highlighted with a custom background and prime placement within the MeetFrank app, ensuring maximum visibility among relevant candidates.

Price: 399€

How to Purchase the “Best of MeetFrank” Premium Service:

To purchase the “Best of MeetFrank” premium service, reach out to your dedicated account manager or write to our operations team at ops@meetfrank.com

Once we receive your request, our team will activate the Best of MeetFrank package for your chosen job opening(s). Your job offer will benefit from Automated Republishing, Premium Push, and Featured Opening features, ensuring the ultimate visibility and reach for your opportunity.

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