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How to create a position?
How to create a position?
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MeetFrank is not a traditional job board, which means that you can create and target your job opening quickly and delightfully. Your company can also highlight its culture through the personalised job description, images and social media links.

Step 1: Define the target audience for your new opening

To reduce your recruiting workload, MeetFrank helps you to target the job offer to the relevant audience. The powerful AI-based algorithm actively invites the most suitable candidates to apply, even if they are not looking for a job. Yes, you might be surprised how many top talents are passive in the job market.

All you have to do is to start with picking the employment type, speciality, and seniority for your upcoming job offer:
– Choose between Full-time, Part-time, Project/Freelance, and Internship type of employment.
– Select the speciality from 19 options, like Sales & Business Development or Customer Support.
– Add suitable seniorities from Entry level to Executive.

Your job opening will be compiled automatically based on the bits of information that you select. Or if you are in a hurry, simply send us the job opening link, and we will set up the vacancy ourselves.

Step 2: Choose a clear and attractive job title

A clear and familiar job title leaves a favorable first impression to the potential candidate. For example, a salesperson already has an understanding of what are the responsibilities of a Head of Sales.

Adding some context to the job title helps to attract the best candidates. In case you need a Head of Sales to work with B2B clients worldwide, you might title your job as Global B2B Head of Sales. If you are looking to fill a technical position, mention a few required programming languages.

Pro tip: On MeetFrank, the job titles written in English tend to work the best, as the platform has a global talent pool.

Step 3: Pick the required skill set

Choose up to six skills that the ideal candidate should have from the pre-selected list of options. You can also add requirements for language and industry experience.

If there is one skill that the candidate possibly could not do without, select it as a “Must Have”. This option informs our algorithm to search only for the fitting candidates.

Step 4: Use the potential reach to your advantage

As you create your job opening, you will see the potential reach change in real-time. After your every move, our algorithm evaluates how many people might be interested in and qualified for your job offer.

How to use this number to your advantage? If the potential reach is very high, then you might spend more time filtering out the candidates who are not well-suited for the job. The solution is to add a few additional requirements.

If the potential reach is low, then you might not find enough qualified candidates to fill the position. Consider loosening the requirements to attract more applicants. With a little help, you’ll quickly find the perfect reach that suits your needs.

Step 5: Pick the target location and salary range

You can select up to five cities where you would want to look for talent. To further broaden the talent pool, consider choosing either option for remote work or target your job offer globally. We believe that talent is borderless, so this could give you up to 5x more candidates.

Also, specify the gross salary range you’re willing to pay. If you are ready to offer the candidate a higher salary than their current employer, choose the pay increase option as well.

Pro tip: Check Job Market Insights by MeetFrank to find out in real-time what salaries the job seekers expect and how competitive is the market for talent.

Step 6: Write a Job Description

In the job description, give an overview of the duties in the role. You may also expand on the requirements for the candidates.

A welcoming job description is crucial to get the potential candidate interested, so this is the ideal place to really be personal and display the tone of your company. End the message with a clear call-to-action to encourage candidates to submit their application.

Pro tip: Save time and generate a job description and messages with AI

Step 7: Publish the offer!

Good luck with your hire! Now we will take over and make sure to boost your job opening with direct notifications to relevant candidates. You just sit back and relax.

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