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What is
Updated over a week ago gives answers on how much job market is paying for specific positions, based on accurate and current salaries.

In contrast to outdated survey-based models, the innovative platform integrates directly into the company’s HR systems and generates salary statistics anonymously, in real-time and for free.

How does it work?

⏱️ Real-time. We integrate with 20+ HRIS providers which means we always show real numbers.

🤝 Free of charge. Share your company’s data, get statistics for free – we ensure complete anonymity, the data cannot be traced back to the company.

Standardised. Our team makes sure that compensation levels are standardised across organisations.

💡 Actually useful. You can build your own competitive set through company-level filters such as industry, funding stage, employee count etc.

If you want to know more, then drops us a letter or book a demo call.

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