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How MeetFrank's Virtual Recruiter works?
How MeetFrank's Virtual Recruiter works?
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Despite technology and automation, recruiting still requires a great deal of human input. Let us help you out! MeetFrank now acts as full-time sourcer at a fraction of the typical market cost*.

Being more effective than a job board and cheaper than a recruitment agency, our technology & human expertise source top-tier talents that match your custom requirements.

HOW? Virtual Recruiter service – faster hire guaranteed

πŸ“ Brief – we work with you to create a tailored brief to meet your requirements, ensuring a perfect pre-selection for your team.

πŸ” Sourcing – MeetFrank's virtual agent taps into our quality talentpool, ensuring we find only stellar candidates for your role.

⭐ Shortlist – We deliver a list of perfect contenders to you, just select the perfect one and schedule interviews

🀝 Seal the deal – and voilΓ , with a pipeline ready, you spend less time sourcing candidates and more time actively engaging with them.

If you are interested, then drops us a letter or book a demo call.

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