Welcome to Custom Categories, a way to easily filter your Explore searches even further!

Categories are saved boolean queries that can be applied as filters to narrow your results for analysis and comparison. Custom Categories can be used wherever filters are available, such as Keyword or Advanced Searches and Combined Searches. They are best set up as reusable categories that can be used with more general saved searches or for ad hoc search analysis.

To create a Custom Category:

  1. From an Explore Search select the ‘Custom categories” drop down.

  2. Select ‘Manage categories’

  3. Select ‘Create category’

  4. Give your Category a name and enter a boolean query.

    1. If you would like your custom category to exclude unwanted results (i.e. a press release filter), be sure to turn on ‘Exclude matching results’

  5. Save your Category.

From the Custom Categories drop down your new Category will now appear. Simply select the Category to apply it as a filter to your Search. When selecting multiple Categories, the filter is treated as an OR, so results that match any of the selected Categories will appear.

Custom Categories can also be used to exclude content from searches. For example, if across the board you would like to exclude press and wire releases from your searches, you can create a Custom Category set to exclude once, and then apply it to multiple searches.

From the Manage Categories page you can edit existing categories, create new categories, or delete categories.

Custom Categories can be used for deeper content analysis. For example, as a large conglomerate Coca-Cola could use custom categories to compare their different product lines, such as Diet Coke versus Coke Zero. They may also want to use Custom Categories to segment their content based on different emotional responses, such as anger or excitement.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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