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Basics Plan
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Welcome to Basics Plan training!

This training course has been designed to provide your staff with an overview of the entire Member Splash system.

We highly suggest that all staff members complete this training.

Your Credentials

The video covers the listing of new client credentials, different user roles and their access levels, instructions for account and bank card password reset, detailed information on Club setup, account types, tags, and custom fields. It also includes a training video link for onboarding and setting up a MailChimp account for sending test emails.

Member Splash Menu vs WordPress Menu

The video covers the differences between the Member Splash Menu and the WordPress Menu.

Waitlists & New Applicants

This video discusses the waitlist feature in Member Splash, which allows potential members to sign up and be placed on hold until they are admitted to the club. It explains how potential members can fill out a form to join the waitlist and how club admins can manage and review the new applicants.

Dashboard & Admin tab

The video is about Member Splash Training, focusing on the MS Menu Dashboard and Admin tab. It explains the different features and access levels based on the plan type, such as hiding/exposing account types, selecting people for totals, and user roles for board members, managers, and staff. The script also demonstrates the contrast between the views for each role.


The video is a training lesson on the MS Membership Menu, focusing on the account and member tabs. It covers account settings, custom fields, account types, member types, filters, bulk actions, and account notes. The script provides a detailed overview of each feature and how to use them effectively for managing memberships and accounts in the system.

Reservations & Front Desk

The video covers the reservations and front desk tabs in the MS Menu system. It explains how to set up reservation systems, facilities, and groups, as well as how to check in members at the front desk using Member Splash. The script also discusses the options for looking up guests and taking photos at the front desk.


This video provides a detailed overview of the finance tab in the MS Menu system, covering topics such as the sales summary report, sales detail report, orders, payments, and creating bills. It explains how to filter, export, and view bills, as well as how to consolidate on-account orders and resend or print bills in batch.

Member Splash Settings

The video covers the settings for the WordPress menu, including member Splash settings, directory settings, messages, forms, front desk settings, and payment settings. It provides detailed instructions on how to set up various features such as season start and end dates, member redirects, account settings, directory options, automatic messages, and payment processing.


The video discusses the new offline payment feature in the WordPress menu for pool admins and managers. It explains how to process offline payments using various payment methods such as check, comping charges, and credit/debit cards, as well as the options for handling processing fees. The script also demonstrates how to use the system to process offline payments for pool members.


This video is a training lesson on setting up products in the WordPress menu bar for member charges. It covers the setup of standard products, fee types, pricing modules, and post payment transactions, and emphasizes the importance of understanding product setup for accurate accounting. The script advises consulting with an onboarding technician for detailed training on product setup.


This video provides a step-by-step guide on setting up a free MailChimp account and connecting it with the Member Splash system. It covers signing up for a MailChimp account, setting up security questions, retrieving API keys, syncing data between Member Splash and MailChimp, and creating segments for targeted emails. The script emphasizes the importance of sending a first email to members and customizing email templates for consistency.

Thank you for completing this course!

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