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Front Desk Administration
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Member Splash Settings

The video covers the settings for the WordPress menu, including member Splash settings, directory settings, messages, forms, front desk settings, and payment settings. It provides detailed instructions on how to set up various features such as season start and end dates, member redirects, account settings, directory options, automatic messages, and payment processing.

Front Desk Check-in Settings Dashboard

This video is a tutorial on setting up the front desk check-in settings. It covers topics such as member account lookup fields, account types allowed to check in, excluding unpaid members, and additional information included in check-in. It also explains how to set up guest passes and credits, payment options, and enabling the live checkout and attendance monitor features.

Visits Report

The video is a tutorial on how to use the Visits Report. It explains how to use the report to track pool visits, guest passes, and member credits, as well as how to filter and download the information for further analysis. The report is a powerful tool for managing pool operations and guest usage.


This video is a tutorial on setting up facilities reservations. It covers how to group facilities, set reservation limits, create default schedules, and book reservations on behalf of members. The tutorial also demonstrates specific examples of adding facilities to existing groups and setting up reservation rules for different types of facilities.

Point of Sale

(Essentials/Premium Plans Only)

This video is a tutorial on setting up items for a point of sale system. It covers adding categories and products, as well as setting up the point of sale system for staff use. The script also explains how to manage categories and basic settings for the point of sale system, such as payment options and printing receipts.


This video provides a detailed overview of the finance tab in the MS Menu system, covering topics such as the sales summary report, sales detail report, orders, payments, and creating bills. It explains how to filter, export, and view bills, as well as how to consolidate on-account orders and resend or print bills in batch.

Creating Check-In Notes

This video is a quick lesson on how front desk staff can view check-in notes for members. The staff can access check-in notes through the front desk check-in process, and they are used for communication between the board and the front desk. Check-in notes can contain general or critical information and can stay with the account even after it is closed.

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