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The WordPress Menu Reports โ€“ Off Line Payments

This video is a tutorial on how to process offline payments for members who are not able to make payments through their own dashboard. It explains the steps to search for the member's account, select the charges to be paid, and choose the payment method, whether it's credit card, check, or manual credit card charge.


In this video, the focus is on understanding the products within the system from an accountant or treasurer's perspective. It covers how to categorize products, set up price variations, and create separate fee types for accounting purposes. The importance of setting up products for long-term reporting needs is also emphasized.

Point of Sale

(Essentials/Premium Plans Only)

The video discusses how to use the point of sale system for accounting and treasurer reports. It covers categorizing charges, setting up the point of sale system, and organizing items by category to make accounting easier. The goal is to help viewers get the most out of their transaction reports and improve their reporting going forward.


This video provides a detailed overview of the finance tab in the MS Menu system, covering topics such as the sales summary report, sales detail report, orders, payments, and creating bills. It explains how to filter, export, and view bills, as well as how to consolidate on-account orders and resend or print bills in batch.

Accounting Process Workflow

The video provides a brief overview of the accounting process flow in Member Splash, from transactions in the system to, the merchant account, and finally to the bank account. It emphasizes the limitations of visibility in Member Splash and the importance of reconciliation, while also highlighting the information available in and the merchant account.

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