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Types of Content You Can Create in MemberVault
Types of Content You Can Create in MemberVault

These are the types of products that you can create with MemberVault

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IMPORTANT: This isn't an exhaustive list. There are so many types of content out there, and it's always evolving. Know you can put ANY kind of audio, video, text or download into MemberVault, so if you don't see what you want to do on the below list, know it's because we forgot to add it!

If you see a missing content type below, hit us up in chat (bottom right corner) and let us know so we can add it to the list, and create a demo on creating it.

  • Challenge (live)

  • Challenge (evergreen)

  • PDF opt in

  • Video series opt in

  • Course

  • Welcome area -- Build trust, and credibility with a welcome area. Get creative! Great things to put in here are a video of you welcoming them, explaining who you are, why they should trust you as an expert, what your specialty is, etc. Include links to guest posts/podcasts/etc that you've been featured in, etc. Be sure to give them next steps on what they'd like to see. *Give immediate access to all subscribers to this product to get people into your MemberVault account*

  • Webinar (replay or evergreen)

  • Swipe files -- People love solutions they can copy/paste/use, like our 52 Emails to Sell, Engage & Motivate swipe file offer. Swipe files are always a great seller, and they are fast to put together!

  • Ebook with audio recording + workbooks -- Whether you're self publishing on Amazon, or have your ebook available on your website, this is a great up sell (aka "Enjoying this book? Get the audio version + workbooks for only $X!" or additional resource area to include in your book (and get them into your MemberVault/email system for additional sales opportunities).

  • Tripwire or low cost offer -- Typically priced under $50, this is the "impulse buy" product and works great inside of MemberVault when people log in to binge and buy. 

  • Resource area for 1:1 -- Perfect for call recordings, recommended books/resources, etc. You can make this for each individual client, or for all of your 1:1 clients. 

  • Onboarding area for 1:1 -- Make your 1:1 clients feel extra special with an onboarding area full of things they need to know about working with you. This can be made for each individual client, or used for all of your 1:1 clients.

  • Hub/library -- Collect all of your best free resources in one spot! You can deep link (aka link directly to a module/lesson) when referring to a specific resource in your library.

  • Pre-validation -- Have an idea for an opt in or paid offer? Put it up in your MemberVault and see if you get interest in it! Even better, reach out to the people that check out the teaser content (via the automatically added tag) to see what else they want to know.

  • Pre-sell -- Before you start launching, put your paid offer into your MemberVault and get sales BEFORE it even goes officially public. Great for early adopter buyers.

  • Discovery -- Offer discovery calls for your 1:1 service? Put that in as a product and link out to either your discovery call schedule link, or an application process (i.e. a Facebook bot, or a Typeform application) to validate they are a good lead for your 1:1.

  • Membership program

  • Application to work together

  • Retreat or event marketing

  • Group program

AND REMEMBER: with MemberVault, you can both advertise the above products to people that DON'T have access via teaser content (i.e. people interested in attending your event, but that haven't signed up yet) AND in the same product, provide resources for people that HAVE access via welcome content, modules & lessons (i.e. the event attendees that want to know schedule, resources, where to stay, etc). 

Questions? Reach out to us at, within our Facebook group, The MV Collaborative, or via chat support within your admin account (not sure how to log in? look up your account here).

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