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Integrating Your Payment Tool With MemberVault
How to Set-up Your Payment Integration With Stripe
How to Set-up Your Payment Integration With Stripe
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MemberVault integrates with Stripe & PayPal for payment processing so you can collect product purchasers directly on your MV Site.

Please note that it is not required that you use both Stripe and PayPal.

You only need to connect to one payment processor in order to collect purchases on your MV Site but you are able to use both Stripe and PayPal if you wish.

In this article, we'll address how you set-up your payment integration inside of your MV account to connect directly with your Stripe account.

Don't have a Stripe account yet? Follow the steps in this article to create your account so you can then connect it to your MV site!

  1. Go to Integrations in your navigation menu and select Payment.

  2. When the Payment Integration page opens, select 'Connect to Stripe' under the Stripe section.

  3. This will take you over to Stripe's website where you will need to sign-in into your Stripe account.

  4. When you sign-in to your Stripe account, it will automatically authorize MV's request to connect and will return you back to your MV account where you will now see that your Stripe account has been successfully connected.

Congratulations! 🎉 You can now begin to collect purchasers from your MV Site using Stripe as your payment processor.

To learn how to integrate your PayPal account with your MV, click here.

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