Can I Use a Custom Domain for My MV Site?

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Using a custom domain for your MV Site is a great way to create brand consistency and have a memorable link while also helping to improve the likelihood of your MV Site being found through organic searches.

Along with the following overview, we've also included a tutorial video below should you wish to see the steps in action.

Want a custom domain, but don't want to deal with it yourself? One of our awesome preferred service providers, Airial Re'nal, has a free custom domain setup offer that you can sign up for right here. <-- people have raved about how simple she makes this process


All paid accounts have the ability to customize their MV Site's URL by using a domain they already own.

This means that you don't have to have "" within your MV Site's URL if it's not preferred.

Instead, you could use a subdomain of your main business domain for your MV Site instead.


Alternatively, you could use a completely different and separate domain for your MV Site and use 'www' as the subdomain.

All MV custom domains must have a subdomain attached to them which is why you will need to include 'www' if you choose to use a separate domain from your main business domain.


Again, you must already own the domain you wish to use before you begin setting up your custom domain.

If you decide to use a subdomain of your domain (ie. you do not need to create that subdomain first.

Our process will help you set that up.

PLEASE NOTE: you can not use any "/" in your custom domain, because that represents an extension of your root domain, and not a custom domain.


  • would not work as an MV custom domain because the "/" is referencing an extension of the root domain.

MV needs to use the "/" for its own pages, modules, courses and lessons, which is why you can't start with "/" in your custom domain.

Setting up DNS Records

To set up your custom domain, there are a few steps involved. We've already automated the really hard parts but you will need to add a couple of DNS records to your domain's settings to complete the process.

If you aren't comfortable doing this yourself, it's likely that your domain host will happily do this for you.

Alternatively, you can also partner with an MV Certified Partner for their direct support with this process (see a list of the CPs who can assist below).

While specific details regarding these steps are found within your account's custom domain page (go to Settings > Custom Domains), here are the general steps you will need to complete to set up your custom domain:

How To Setup Your Custom Domain

  1. Define your desired custom domain.

  2. Authenticate your domain ownership by adding a specified CNAME record to your DNS settings.

  3. Point your custom domain to your MV Site by creating an additional CNAME record to your DNS Settings.

  4. Confirm your site & GO LIVE!

If you would like more of an overview of this feature, here is a great video walk-thru from our CTO & Co-Founder, Mike Kelly:

Video Tutorial

If you are having trouble setting up your custom domain, please see: Troubleshooting Your Custom Domain Set-Up.

Alternatively, you can reach out to Airial Re'nal, who is one of our amazing MV account owners and offers a complimentary custom domain set-up service in exchange for a testimonial.

Once your custom domain is in place, it will be important to understand best practices for managing your custom domain to avoid access concerns for our MV Site.

Questions? Reach out to us at, within our Facebook group, The MV Collaborative, or via chat support within your admin account (not sure how to log in? look up your account here).

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