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We're very excited about the new Blog feature in MemberVault, which provides a whole new way for you to bring your audience into your MV ecosystem.


When you want to share the link to a single blog post, get the direct link from the gear icon in the Posts list.

It will open this window which gives you the full link, just like you can get with any of your Products, Modules or Lessons.


When you are creating a new blog post, you can name it in the "Posts" section under the "Content" menu in your left sidebar.

Here we see the field where you can enter a title for your post.

Beneath that you can edit the URL for that post.

In this case my way-too-long blog post would have the following link:

Now let's look at how to set the title of the blog itself.


Here's how to set the link to your entire blog, so that people can find it, browse, search and binge on your gripping posts!

The link to share your blog can be found under "Settings" on the left sidebar.

The "Blog Page Title" will be displayed in the list of Pages in your left sidebar.

Your main blog link will be your MV URL plus whatever you choose to enter in the "blog link" field indicated with an arrow above.

In this example the blog link would be:

As always, the best way to understand your MV settings is to see how they appear to the audience.


Let's take a quick look at where each of these settings appear, so you can identify what you entered in the Blog URL, Blog Title and Post Title.

Here's a screenshot of a published post, taken from a page that the audience would be able to see (not admin preview).

Here we can see the reason for those wild titles -- now it's easy to identify each field.

Up top we have the main blog link, simply set to the word "blog." Remember, you can change that in the main "Settings" menu from your sidebar.

Below that we have the blog title, in the breadcrumbs menu next to the little picture of a house.

This blog is titled "Gripping Near-Death Experiences with Chocolate Pudding", indicating that the posts will all relate to something so interesting it cannot be ignored.

Remember, your "Blog Page Title" can be found in the main Settings area.

Next we see the name of this individual blog post, which is "Episode 1... " etc. You set that name in the "Posts" area of your MV, under the "Content" section in the left sidebar.

That's the same place where you edit the post, add your featured images, etc.

Finally, once your audience is logged-in to your MV site, they will be able to find your Blog under the "Content" section of the left sidebar.

Here you can see the title of the blog, which will take them to your main blog page where they would see a list of all Posts.

What size image should I use?

That's truly up to you, but we recommend not going with super side or tall images as your blog feature image. The preferred image dimensions we recommend are 1280px x 486px.

And if you're a Canva design user, here's a template of the preferred blog image dimensions (1280px x 486px), so you can hit the ground running. Copy and use the free template here.

You may find this template helpful as well (hats off to Ira from #TeamMV who put this together!)

What should I blog about?

Here's a blog post all about 3 ideas to help you get started.

Can I schedule a blog post?

You sure can. Here's how to do it.

How can people find my blog?

Great question. We broke it down right here.

Want help to build your blog?

Here's a whole podcast episode about that exact process where you can listen, watch, follow along and do the process step by step.

In summary, sharing your new MV blog is a simple matter of setting up a Post, giving your Blog a title, and copying the desired URL of your post or blog.

We're excited to see what you will create with your new MV blog! Please feel free to share your work in the collab, to share the excitement.

(NOTE: no chocolate pudding was harmed during the making of this article.)

โ€‹Questions? Reach out to us at, within our Facebook group, The MV Collaborative, or via chat support within your admin account (not sure how to log in? look up your account here).

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