Total Mentions

Total number of mentions discovered on any channel, either Web or Social, for the specified date period.

  • In brackets, you can see the total number of mentions for today, followed by the number of mentions for all time. 

Social Engagement 

You can see the Social Engagement that all mentions had and even a breakdown to Total Likes/Favorites, Shares/Retweets, Comments, Video views and shares of social pages.

Social Reach

Social Reach of Mentions depending on any filters you have set and even the individual reach for each different social source (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc).

Quick Preview your mentions and all the mentions source from a website

Click the new view button to have a quick preview of the actual mention. This option is available on all channels.

The feature that was only possible on Social Profiles now is extended to websites as well! Just click on the flag icon on the website title of a mention and you will get a complete list of all the mentions from this site!

Sentiment Analysis

Number of positive vs negative mentions for the selected date period. 

  • The Sentiment Analysis algorithm is processing any mention discovered, to extract if what is being said is Positive, Negative or Neutral
  • Only the positive and negative are displayed in this box, while any difference in number from the Total mentions refers to neutral sentiment mentions.
  • Although the algorithm is very accurate, there are always times that it can extract an inaccurate sentiment. This is because of the complexity of human language, and any software can have great difficulty understanding things like irony
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