These boxes display the 4 most recent mentions discovered in Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and the Web. 

  • On some mentions you may see a happy green smiley or sad red smiley (eh...sadly?)  that denotes that the post has been classified as positive or negative sentiment. 

On Twitter and Facebook mentions, the icon on the left is the author's profile image. You can click on it to see more information about him/her and also a list of all mentions to your keyword he/she has done.

On Youtube, Instagram and Web mentions, the icon on the left is the Video, photo or webpage screenshot of the discover mention. Click on it to view it in more detail.

If you move the mouse over each mention, two buttons appear:

  • Open Link, with which it is possible to pass directly to Tweet or post or on Facebook for timeline
  • Delete the mention of the report.

You can also click the See full report link at the bottom of each box to view the detailed report for the selected channel. 

If you see the phrase "There are no ... mentions for the selected dates" in any of the boxes, it means that there is no mentions and therefore also no report on the requested dates. 

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