One way to get more bookings as a mentor is to add your available time slots to the Mentorly calendar and keep them up-to-date a few weeks at a time.

And remember, you'll always get the final say to accept or decline a booking request when it comes in, as no session is instantly booked.

There are two ways to update your Mentorly availability: 1) manually add slots to each day, or, 2) sync your Google / Outlook Calendar.

1) Manually add availability on your Mentorly calendar:

On your Mentorly Calendar page, choose a date where you'd like to offer mentoring, click Edit, click + Add time slot:

You may add a time range, eg. 1pm to 8pm on a Monday, click UPDATE:

If you have similar time slots each week, click on DUPLICATE WEEK to have the same availabilities copied to future weeks, choose a week, click FILL:

If the time slots are added successfully, you'll see Information updated on the bottom-left corner:


2) Sync your Google or Outlook calendar with your Mentorly account:

How to sync with Google calendar:

How to sync with Outlook calendar:

Step 1:

Go to your Google calendar, beside other calendars, click on "+" and select Create new calendar.

We suggest naming the calendar "Mentoring Times" or something similar.

After your calendar has been created, at the bottom of your screen, click on Configure to return to your Google calendar view. Find the Mentoring Times calendar you just created, click on the 3 dots, followed by Settings and sharing.

Scroll down towards the bottom to secret address in ical format and copy the URL.

Step 2:

Go to your Mentorly account, click on your name on the right-top corner, then Personal:

Scroll down to Availability calendar url, paste your Google calendar Secret address in ical format URL, and click UPDATE.

Step 3:

Go back to your Google calendar, create a few entries (ie. your mentoring availability) on the "Mentoring Times" calendar, and click Save

Note: Duplicating availability with your synced calendar is not currently available.

View your available time slots (as how mentees will see them)

Regardless if you manually or synced an external calendar to add time slots, click on your name on the top-right corner, then Profile:

Click View full profile, then BOOK SESSION:

Mentorly will automatically show your sessions in 30-min, 1-hour slots, or both (depending on how your program is set up) to the mentees:

If nothing shows, give it a few minutes, or do a hard refresh on your browser. If still nothing, check that if you were manually adding availability to your Mentorly calendar, go to your profile and remove the URL (if any) from the Availability calendar url field.

In other words, you can only update your calendar one way (manually) or the other (syncing with Google/Outlook calendar). If you've chosen the calendar sync way, you'll only be able to View (and NOT Edit) your calendar availability, ie. one to way to tell which method you used is to look at the calendar page, if it shows View, then it means there is an URL in the Availability calendar url field; if it shows Edit, then it means there isn't an URL in the Availability calendar url field.

Not sure when you’ll be free to hold sessions and you don’t currently have times up on your calendar?

Don’t fret, the BOOK SESSION button on your profile will change to REQUEST AVAILABILITY if you don't have any time slots added:

When a mentee clicks on REQUEST AVAILABILITY, you will receive an email to add time slots to your calendar. Once you do, we'll email the mentee to notify them that you have time slots now, so that they can book a session with you.

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