Step 1: Add a new calendar

When syncing an external calendar to Mentorly, it must be a completely brand new calendar that is created specifically for your availability with Mentorly - it cannot be an existing calendar.

Outlook web: click on the Calendar tab and 'Add calendar'.

Outlook 365, go to Calendar > New Folder > New Calendar.


Step 2: Create the new calendar

Create and customize your Mentorly calendar - we recommend giving it a title such as 'Mentoring Availability' or something similar.

Outlook web:

Outlook 365:


Step 3: Add your events

On your Mentoring calendar, begin adding blocks of time where you are available for a mentee to book with you.

Important to note: The blocks of time you create are for your availability, and not for time where you are busy.

Important to note: Each block of time must be created individually - any events that are set to 'recurring' or 'repeating' will not be synced through to Mentorly.

Step 4a: Access your Outlook settings
*Outlook web only

Once your availability time slots are created, access your Outlook settings by clicking the wheel in the upper right hand corner.

Step 4b: Share your new calendar

*Outlook 365 only

From your new calendar, click on 'Share'. This will prompt you to enter an email to share the calendar with - simply enter your own email and click share.

Step 5a: Publish the Calendar and get your .ICS URL
*Outlook web only

From your Outlook settings, click the Calendar tab > Shared calendars.

Under the 'Publish a calendar' section, select your Mentoring calendar from the drop down menu and click 'Publish'.

Once published, copy the .ICS link listed below.

Important to note: Syncing your calendar on Mentorly will only work with a '.ics' link.

Step 5b: Copy the .ICS link

From the email that you've sent to yourself from step 4a, copy the last link in the email that ends with .ics - this is the only link that is compatible with Mentorly's import feature.

Step 6: Access your Availability tab on your Mentorly dashboard

From your Mentorly dashboard, access your Availability tab and click 'import calendar' in the upper right corner.

Paste your Outlook calendar's .ics link and hit save.

Step seven: Refresh your page

All that's left to do is refresh your page and you'll see your Availability appear on your Mentorly calendar.

Have questions or need further assistance?

Please reach out to Mentorly's support team on Intercom or emailing us at

Happy mentoring!

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