Welcome to Mentorly! We've partnered with your organization to provide mentorship sessions with ease.

On the Mentorly platform, you can — book sessions, hold video calls, chat and share files with mentors — all in one place!

Here are the key steps to get you started as a mentor or a mentee.

1. Set up your account

Once your program manager has invited you to join Mentorly or you've signed up, you will receive an email asking you to sign in and complete your account.

Follow the link in the email, set up your password, and you're in!

2a. Begin your onboarding experience

Once you've signed in, Mentorly will guide you through a few Onboarding steps that will allow you to start building your mentor or mentee profile.

We'll ask about you and your experiences, your skills, as well as to upload a profile picture and adjust your settings.

Good to know: You'll be able to edit this information later on from your personal dashboard.

Good to know: Mentorly only allows your profile to be under one sector/industry (not multiple). However, you can add multiple areas of expertise.

2b. Matching questionnaire

If your program has chosen matching for mentor/mentee pairings, then you will also have a matching questionnaire as part of your onboarding steps.

Simply fill out the questionnaire with answers that pertain to you - the more specific the better!

3. Complete your Profile

Once you've completed your onboarding, you will be brought to your Mentorly personal dashboard.

At the top of your dashboard, you'll be shown a progress bar for completing your onboarding.

You can click on either of these progress boxes to be brought to the specific page to continue updating your information.

On your Profile tab, the text boxes highlighted in light blue are required for your profile to be complete.

You can also adjust your settings (email, location, timezone) from the Settings tab.

Good to know: Mentorly is time-zone smart, which means the times indicated throughout the site will be based on your browser's location.

4. Resources and Support

The Resources tab will link you to our Mentorly Help Centre, which has a number of articles, all designed to provide assistance in every step of the program.

Mentorly prides itself on its highly responsive customer service and technical support - our support team is available Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm EST. Simply reach out to us on Intercom (the icon below - found in the bottom right corner) or contact us at support@mentorly.co. We'll be happy to help!

What's next?

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