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Covering the Program Cost
How much do your programs cost?
How much do your programs cost?
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There are no upfront costs for any of our programs — ever, unless you choose to pay in full upfront.

For the IT, UX Design, Cybersecurity, Project Management, and Data Analytics programs, programs are a maximum of $5700 (your program cost may be lower than $5700 if you receive sponsorship from an employer). You can learn more about covering the cost of the program HERE.

For Java Development, the program is a maximum of $8400. You’ll make 24 monthly payments of $350 when you land a job making $50,000 or more. After 4 years, the agreement ends — even if you’ve paid nothing. You can learn more about our Success Sharing Agreement here.

If you ever lose your job or if your incomes drops below the income threshold, you can request a deferment to pause your payments in 3-month increments. To learn more about that process, you can learn more on this section of Ascent's page.

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