At Merit America, we screen candidates for qualities critical to job success — most importantly, we look for grit.

  • The first step toward a new career is to apply for one of our programs.

  • Once you submit your application, if you are eligible, you will be directed to complete an initial assessment. The assessment asks 16 questions to better understand your problem-solving and reading ability.

    • You can review our eligibility criteria here.

  • After passing the initial assessment, a video interview comes next. If you would like to know how you can prepare for it, you can get some tips from this article!

  • If your video interview is successful, you will receive a track-specific prework course. This prework must be completed before you can be fully enrolled in our program.

  • Once you have submitted the pre-work, you will receive some paperwork to complete. Once that’s done, your life-changing experience in our program will begin!

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