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Can I take a job that pays less than $40K?
Can I take a job that pays less than $40K?
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Yes, you can. While we strive to help you secure the best possible job offer, we understand that there may be circumstances where you are open to accepting a position that pays less than $40,000. At Merit America, we value the overall experience and long-term career opportunities that a job can provide. Sometimes, taking a slightly lower-paying position can offer valuable experience, skill development, or the opportunity to work with a desired employer. We encourage you to consider the potential benefits beyond immediate salary when evaluating job offers.

We always encourage you to negotiate your job offer if possible. Your coaches will advise you on your situation, but employment is a complex relationship with a lot of dimensions. While a higher salary may not be feasible at the moment, you can explore negotiating options such as an early salary review, remote work arrangements, or other alternative benefits. The most important thing is that we want you to get more than just “another job.” We want this new opportunity to be a gateway to your new career!

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