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"We’re updating your data and calculating gains. This process may take a while. You'll receive a notification once it's complete."

Updated over a week ago

Here’s what this means...

  • Merlin will automatically sync to your exchange/wallet and import your new transactions approximately every 8 hours (or up to 4 times per day). This is to capture any new transactions that occur daily on each of your connected exchanges or wallets. You can also manually re-sync to your wallets/exchanges on the exchange page by pressing the re-sync button, but this is limited to only 4 additional syncs per day.

  • This should normally take several minutes and on rare occasions several hours to fully sync.

  • While your account is syncing to the exchange/wallet and calculating your gains, it is possible that your portfolio values may look incorrect. Please wait until ALL the syncing is complete before editing any of your coins or reporting any issues.

  • Merlin is not a custodian, we don’t have your keys or your coins, we just display the coins from the exchanges or wallets that you connect to Merlin.

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