When you first log into Enquire you are introduced to the online Enquiry calendar.  The calendar lists all scheduled activity across your calendar year (Please note: You can set the starting month if you have Admin permission).  

If you have been given permission to see all enquiries you will notice and underline under the reviewer name.  Click on this and it will take you to the dashboard. 

You can set the interval you wish to see.  For example, setting 12 months will allow you to see the past activity completed for 12 months previous and the planned activity 12 months into the future.

Start completing your enquiry forms

Once you have clicked on an individual you will notice the list of scheduled enquires. Clicking on the green plus icon will allow you to complete the form and once the form is completed it will move down to the  completed enquiries table.

Your administrator will have assigned a sampling profile to this area.  This also assigns the correct template so that when you click on the 'New Assessment' icon you are ready to go. You can access the form in two ways.  Either the small 'New Assessments icon in the scheduled table or the larger one at the top of the page.

Recording assessment findings

You can then complete the form. Don't forget to save your work

Creating the action plan

You are also able to create an action plan for each enquiry report by clicking in the 'Action Plan tab and the 'New Action' icon.

Attaching supporting evidence

You can upload files or link the observation to a file in the Store module.

Attributing the review to a specific area of your self-assessment

If you wish to attribute the enquiry to a specific area in your self-assessment.  Simply click on the add 'Area Tag' icon and select the areas from the drop down list.  NB: this feature is only available if your administrator has enabled it in manage custom areas. 

Recording your comments

The comments tab provides an extra space to make any notes. For example; you may have carried out an enquiry for a particular area of the business and you might ask the manager responsibility to note some comments following formal feedback of findings.

If you have any further questions please don not hesitate to use your online chat.

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