Tagging will help you to:

Group your improvement plan activities into themes. This will mean you can:

  1. Identify where multiple actions within your plan are related to the same improvement theme, so you can prioritise your time and resource to focus on it.

  2. Help you to avoid duplication of effort by showing you where different people might be focused on the same issue.

  3. Help you to identify conflicting actions that different people in your organisation may be working on.

  4. Help you to analyse progress against an overall theme over time instead of just looking at progress for an individual activity.

For example, if you have different departments using insightQ, you might find that you have multiple actions that are designed to improve ‘Employer Engagement’. This feature allows you to identify these quickly and determine how to coordinate the actions where appropriate.

There is a pre-set list of tags to help you group your areas for improvement into categories/ themes.

  • Achievement of KPIs

  • Awarding body requirements

  • Diverse recruitment to support youth/ employment

  • Employer involvement

  • Employer satisfaction data

  • Equality groups

  • Induction

  • Initial assessment

  • Innovation and change

  • Learner progress

  • learner satisfaction data

  • Learning and assessment planning

  • Management and support of staff

  • Management of subcontractors

  • Partnerships to support transitions/ progression

  • Quality assurance

  • Resources

  • Self assessment

  • Staff development

  • Transferable skills

  • Use of LMI

The Tags can be edited in 3 places

  1. Start adding tags when you create an activity from your self assessment.

2. You can edit, add or delete a tag when you create an activity in your plan.

3. You can also edit, add and delete the tags at the bottom of your activity page.

In addition, the Tags can be viewed on your Summary, Detailed and Archives views. Just hover over the box.

For the time being, you can still continue to use Key Question Tags which links your area back to your self assessment framework key questions but we recommend that you start to transition to TAGS now as KEY QUESTION TAGS will be retired in the near future.

Don't worry, you will get plenty of guidance and notice to help you make the change.

You can find tags in your downloads


Use your Excel download to help you filter your tags. It's an easy way to group your data and will help you identify recurring themes in your plans.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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